ISSBD Workshop - Milan 2018


Understanding of Death and Mortality by Children


Interdisciplinary Workshop on Counterfactual Reasoning at the University of Toronto

This talk was presented at the National Academy of Sciences Arthur M. Sackler Colloquium on the Extension of Biology Through Culture held at the Beckman Center in Irvine, CA on November 15-16, 2016, organized by Marcus Feldman, Francisco J. Ayala, Andrew Whiten and Kevin Laland.

How Children Learn about Science and Religion from Others

August 2015
Breaking New Ground in the Science and Religion Dialogue

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Metacognitive Diversity: An Interdisciplinary Approach

September 2014
Institut Jean Nicod

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Asking Questions and Trusting What You're Told

2014 Thomas H. Wright Lecture
Heimbold Donnelley Theatre, Sarah Lawrence College

Trusting What You're Told: How Children Learn From Others

2012 Robbie Case Memorial Lecture
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Selective Credulity

WATCH Series
National Science Foundation



Why Imagination Matters in Childhood

The Colin McEnroe Show

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Imagination and Testimony

2012 Founder's Lecture
St John's College, University of Oxford